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BHP 305

Engine Size 4.4 L V8

0-100 km/h 8.2

Top Speed km/h 209

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About the Range Rover Sport 2013
If you plan on doing any off road driving, you might want to consider hiring the all New Range Rover Sport rental to get you there with confidence and exceptional comfort.

The Range Rover Sport is a luxurious yet extremely functional, practical, and reliable four-wheel-drive SUV. The off road abilities of the Range Rover Sport will astonish even the toughest automobile critics. The Range Rover Sport can be pressed to the breaking point and come out unharmed and wanting more. The off-road features that are built into the Range Rover Sport become more clear when looking at the design features of the frame and the engine, which were calculated for the challenging off-road conditions that rough terrain has to offer. Such as the high performance traction system designed for: navigating through streams, crawling over rocks, driving in muddy conditions, driving on sand, driving on grass, and driving on snow.

The Range Rover Sport is propelled by a 5.0 liter super-charged V8 engine. This motor has been reconfigured to fit the Range Rover Sport. In terms of horsepower and reliability, the Range Rover Sport stands out amongst its competitors, and in a big way too. The high performance from the Range Rover Sport remains unparalleled in this category of SUVs.

The exclusive features and supreme design allow the Range Rover Sport to stand tall among the likes of any other high end sport utility vehicles on the road today. The Range Rover Sport is smaller than the Discovery and the traditional Range Rover; however, you won't notice this from the interior because it actually feels more spacious than its predecessors.

The Range Rover Sport seats four passengers comfortably, and it still has room for luggage and personal items. The Range Rover Sport comes equipped with an 8 speed transmission, adjustable air springs that raise or lower the vehicle by 10 centimeters, and a split screen DVD player in the cabin to mention only a few. Renting a Range Rover Sport makes perfect sense if you're traveling with family and friends too.