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BHP 555

Engine Size 4.4L Turbo

0-100 km/h 4.5

Top Speed km/h 250

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About the BMW X6
The BMW X6 is an attractive and tightly constructed package of beauty and strength. The vehicle has been designed like no other because it's a coupe and ad SUV in the same vehicle and is quite out of the ordinary.

Producing vehicles such as the distinctive BMW X6 is what makes BMW stand out among the competitors. This vehicle is so unique that its actually created its own category: the Sports Activity coupe or SAV. The BMW X6 offers active steering as well.

This system adjusts the steering so that it's more direct at lower speeds. When driving at higher speeds, the required angle increases and the steering then becomes more indirect - this greatly improves road traction and it delivers a more confident steering impression and increases the vehicle's overall performance and safety.

The BMW X6 sits upon striking 21 inch spoke allow wheels which add to the appeal of the X and offer the highest performance. The view from front to rear is stunning, and from the rear, the BMW X6 leaves a lasting impression with its black lined rear lights that have a fine grey finish and emphasize the unique individuality of the car.

The powerful engine will catapult its passenger from zero to 100 km an hour and can take to you to speeds of 250 km per hour! So add some thrill and excitement to your travels and hire a BMW X6 soon!


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